Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Software

Access guide

This tutorial will guide you through Empirica Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Software access process

1 Request access credentials

Please send an email to Marek Koza [email protected] and request user name and password. Please include your phone number in request. You will receive back access credentials via email.

2 Setup OpenVPN client

We care about security. Our software trial version is available through encrypted channel. Please follow below steps to setup secure connection to our platform.

2.1 Download OpenVPN client

Download appropriate OpenVPN installation package from OpenVPN download site.

2.2 Install OpenVPN client

Run downloaded OpenVPN installation program. Please follow installer instructions.

Please note that we don't provide support for OpenVPN and network related issues.

2.3 Download OpenVPN configuration

Download configuration file required for secured connection and save it on your computer.

2.4 Start OpenVPN client

Find OpenVPN GUI in your programs (Start Menu, etc.) and run it as an administrator.

2.5 Import OpenVPN configuration

Find OpenVPN GUI in your taskbar, right click on it and select Import file, then choose downloaded OpenVPN configuration file from your disk. You should be notified about successful import via success message from OpenVPN.

2.6 Connect to VPN

Find OpenVPN GUI in your taskbar, right click on it and select Connect. Authentication dialog will be displayed, please enter provided user name and password and click OK. After secured connection is established, login window should be automatically closed.

3 Proceed to TradePad setup

In order to trade on cryptocurrency markets you need to download and install our client application - TradePad. Go to TradePad download page and follow instructions.

Please note that TradePad download page is available only after VPN connection was successfully established.